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Just a short note to tell you how thrilled I am with the performance of the Bioniser. As you may remember I installed one of your first units on my pool some 4 years ago. At that time I was working as a pool salesman for one of the prestige pool companies in Brisbane where I gained a lot of experience in the sales and the advantages of your product.

I had several reasons for installing a Bioniser - Firstly - I am not a great lover of swimming in a saltwater pool as I don't like the taste of the water and because in my 30 years in the swimming pool industry i know that there is the same level of chlorine in a saltwater pool as there is in a straight chlorine pool.

Secondly  - I have two beautiful granddaughters who love to swim but are very susceptible to allergies - chlorine brings them out in a nasty rash.
I must admit that I was a little sceptical when you first introduced me to your product.  I have to tell you that I and my family love the freshness and the clarity of the water in my pool.   I am a very satisfied customer who wishes you and your product well in the future .

Kindest Regards,
S.P. Burpengary QLD

Having purchased and installed a Bioniser unit at Xmas 08, about 5 months ago, I would like to comment on how thrilled I am with the water quality and ease of maintenance of my pool.


I am no genius when it comes to testing pool water and indeed previously only had it tested by my local pool shop.

I am finding the simple testing procedures to be easy to do, and have needed to add only a fraction of the chemicals the pool shop had me adding.


The water is crystal clear and beautiful to swim in. Everyone who swims in my pool is amazed that it can be so clean without all the chemicals and loves the feel and taste of the fresh water.


My only regret is that I didn't fit a Bioniser years ago.


C.F Collaroy Plateau NSW

When we bought this property, we wanted to have the pool sparkling clear and blue for our swimming. At first we had endless problems with keeping the pool clear and clean as the encroachment of foliage by the garden about the pool was overpowering. With the wet, wet summer and the fact that a lot of the pool gear was cracked, broken, leaking and useless, we ended up spending endless time and too much money keeping the pool swimmable. Not great fun.

 We changed to your Bioniser system and despite the three monstrous deluges we got in February, March and April we have been able to swim in sparkling clear, blue water. One thing we really appreciate about Bioniser is that there is no smell of chlorine. The pool has been easy to keep balanced also. The overwhelming amount of water pouring into the pool at times this summer was making the pool green but with a routine follow up of pool vacuuming and sweeping plus the attention to balance we have weathered the storms well.

The water crackles as we move in it, it is so clean and crisp. Keeping the flow of vegetation, dust and pollen to a minimum by clearing the plant life away from the pool edge paid dividends, as did the virtual replacement of old faulty equipment. I find the Bioniser has made our swimming a greater pleasure.

Thank you for installing such a good, easy to use system.

Yours truly,

D & L McKay, Noosa Heads, Qld

The water quality is amazing since we have switched from a salt pool to a “Bionised” pool. The Bioniser is saving us heaps and the kids won’t get out of the pool.
J.S. Noosa Heads QLD  

I just love the Bioniser … my wife and kids love the Bioniser … my neighbours love the bioniser … I can’t get the pool to myself anymore – it is fantastic!
M.C. Hervey Bay QLD

 The pool is just as fresh as rain water since we installed the Bioniser system. It’s so easy and only a tiny amount of chemicals are used now. There is no more dry skin from the salt we had before. -
M.D. Federal NSW

I purchased a Bioniser late last year (December I think).

Just thought I'd let you know it is fantastic - pool has never looked better ....

R.A. Milton Qld

I don’t have to go near the pool since I installed the Bioniser – it just looks great. And I was away for two weeks.
G.K. Blakehurst  NSW 

I am very happy with the Bioniser. I am particularly happy the way it has cut down my workload.
A.T. Graceville Qld

The Bioniser is going pretty well. We now have a major long term cost reduction and most importantly is the saving on our family's exposure to chemicals. It has all been very worthwhile. Thanks and I'm really chuffed we made the transition!!

T.R. Forresters Beach NSW